Softball In The Bluegrass State
... a brief history of Boys Softball in Kentucky
Any writing about Boys Softball in
Kentucky needs to make special mention of the  Rebels from Corbin/ London, shown on the map above Laurel County is home to one of the most successful boys programs in the US. The Rebels teams tote the "Big Ones" back to the Bluegrass on a regular basis from National Boys Youth Softball Tournaments and have for some time now. The Dads of the current players made up the Rebels Travel softball team in the past and have passed the game on to their sons. Jimmy and Bobby Hendrickson currently coach the Rebels, Jimmy the older guys and Bobby the younger ones. Always look for the Rebels to be at or near the top at the finish of any boys softball tournament. Active as directors for area softball tournaments, Jimmy and Bobby bring that knowledge and love for the game to the boys program. Their annual "Woodbine Rebels Shootout" is a well known and long running fixture on the Kentucky Men's softball tournament circuit. The younger Rebels have quite a string of Championships working. ...
Although all the Rebels are now overage, teams continue to enter from the Corbin Ky. area.  Recently both Hendrickson brothers as well as Tyler Hendrickson have been inducted into the Boys Softball Hall of Fame.written by Mike Mason
Rebels 14u SEAA 2004 World Series Champions
In my time directing boys tournaments it's been my pleasure to meet several teams from the state of Kentucky. The Greenup County teams of Tony Collins
come to mind along with the Covington Turners teams
from near Cincinnati. These teams traveled the boys tournament circuit and played very well. Another excellent area for Boys Softball in Kentucky is the Knox County area. Jimmy Hinkle and his MSC teams won World Titles, and they formed part of the Maddawgs that won the 2002 SEAA 14u title in Ringgold, Ga. The Knox County Maddawgs  coached by Roman and BrendaGrubb were a fine example of Boys Softball in the  Bluegrass State. A Kentucky state tournament was held at Cynthiana each year and the best teams went from there to play National/World Tourneys. In most recent times the numbers have fallen off  and we don't see the KY teams in the big tourneys like we used to. An expection is the REBELS program from London/Corbin area. (see story at left)
It would be my hope to see the Kentucky teams active again at the National level, we always enjoy hosting the Bluegrass State guys...... Mike Mason for a few pictures
14u SEAA 2002 World Series Champions
Knox Couunty Maddawgs Barbourville, Ky.
14u MVP 2002
Jeremy Merida
another "Big One"
finds it's way back           to KY!
Hall Of Fame