Dedicated to all my friends from Holmes County, Ohio thanks for sharing your love of softball with us....
and thanks for sharing your beautiful countryside made more beautiful by the people known as Amish
that dwell there. Your love of God's creation, love of His Word, and love of friends and family make knowing you a treat for all who are fortunate enough to experience Holmes County firsthand.
Winesburg Fall gathering 2001 tournament.  My first trip to visit.
Cookeville, Tn. 1999 Boys
Mike Mason
Thanks to 
all the Ohio
and players

Winesburg...scooters are a popular mode of transportation
Jesse Weaver and the Pleasent Hill
team he and Wayne Miller coached
to back to back USSSA Titles '97-'98
Fans at
2001 Fall
1999 Amish Teams at Cookeville, Pleasent Hill, Weaver Ridge, Cherry Ridge, Wayne Holmes
Homestead Furniture....Trail, Ohio               Walnut Creek           
2006 Ohio State Pictures
Pictures of 2006 SSAA
Ohio Boys State from
Amish Country
History Pages
Team Pictures  and
Wayne Miller's Awards Collection
New Mexico Rage Pics